Fleetmatics uses ProsperVue to accelerate inside sales pipeline.

“ProsperVue is an incredibly powerful tool for our entire inside sales team to sell local. It arms the reps with vital data to approach each call with to be as relevant as possible to the prospect. Great configuration flexibility to get the most out of it.”

- Brad Bedoe, Vice President, Segment Marketing

Fleetmatics is a leading global provider of mobile workforce solutions. Their solutions enable small to enterprise businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing local fleets, and improve the productivity of their mobile workforces. Fleetmatics serves 23K customers, with 500K subscribed vehicles. The company has North American headquarters in Boston with offices in Australia, Ireland, Italy, France and the UK.

The Challenge

• With Fleetmatics consistent growth year over year, the company needed a way to data map its customers and prospects
• With a constant stream of new sales reps, not familiar with new territories, Fleetmatics needed a way to onboard their employees quickly so they would be successful.
• Marketing wanted to enhance regional marketing campaigns for lead generation and email communications.

Why ProsperVue?

• Inside Sales focused, ProsperVue offered the only pure call center geolocation solution completely integrated into Salesforce.
• ProsperVue applied to every aspect of the sales pipeline, from sales and marketing to customer support.
• Ease of use and price point also contributed to Fleetmatics decision to implement.

The Result

• Fleetmatics inside sales team use mapping to call prospects; they “name drop” delighted customers within a set radius, which has helped increase; call conversions by 30%, scheduled appointments by 16% and increased revenue by 26% - compared to deals where ProsperVue was not used.
• Since implementation - ProsperVue has simplified training and accelerated onboarding - achieving 70% adoption with senior sales reps and 100% with new reps.
• The Company saw a 15X return on their ProsperVue investment, with payback within 6 months.

ProsperVue Features Used

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