Molex expands field sales with custom integration

Molex is a global supplier of inter-connectors to the electronics industry.

The Challenge

• Molex field sales team wanted an easy solution to connect and interact with customer website activities while on the road
• The Company needed a way visual way to predict when a customer was ready to buy
• Wanted a better way to foster a collaborative approach among C-Suite, Product, Marketing and Sales Teams

Why ProsperVue?

• Since its primary need was to create a custom solution to trigger field sales notification from escalating customer interest, Molex chose ProsperVue because of their ability to create a customized solution within salesforce
• Molex chose Valgen because of their ability to Integrate a full BI solution, google analytics web data, campaign management, crm and erp
• Superior data cleanse, matching, de-duplicating expertise also played into the decision

The Result

• 200+ sales reps were targeted to utilize the visualization tool. In parallel, marketing ran coordinated campaigns to ensure high customer receptivity
• ProsperVue became instrumental in identified gaps and missing feeds of data, which allowed Molex to repair internal information gaps
• Valgen mined millions of transactions and user attributes to detect advance signals, presented timely sales intelligence before a rep walked into client meeting, predicting user behavior and report on it to field sales all over the world

ProsperVue Features Used

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