Predictive lead scoring

Lead scoring allows your sales reps to prioritize their daily activity, and spend more time with the leads most likely to convert. ProsperVue creates scores using customer behavior, firmographics and activity data. Visually accelerate through color coding of prospects in any territory.

Maintain proactive touches

Sales reps are inundated with leads, but only 1 in 20 will lead to an appointment at any given time. It is important for reps to maintain periodic touches, which can be visually available on a dashboard and refreshed on a daily basis.

Enrich lead data

Don’t work with obsolete data. Infuse your current data with updated firmographics to obtain precise market and industry insights. Ensure all records are geocoded, so your location intelligence is up to date.

Accelerate the Pipeline

Know where each lead is in the pipeline at all times. ProsperVue’s dashboard with quad segmentation lets you know in real time which leads need to be nurtured, fallen through the cracks and which are successful and ready to close.

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