Determine the market

Segmentation allows you to split opportunities, leads and customers into different groups. Market products and services specifically to the most profitable segments. Run targeted campaigns and funnel leads in any territory to your sales team.

Intelligent Territory Management

Build custom territories by mapping out where your best customers and prospects are. Identify by deal size, purchase history or predicted revenue to fairly allocate territories to all rep.

Database Insights

Integrated and enriched data gives you more accurate and insightful picture into your pipeline enabling reps to make better sales decisions. Identify purchase patterns, incorporate self-learning customer data, and much more.

Manage Renewals Effectively

Keeping up with contracts that are coming up for renewal. Identify Customers by time to renewal, at risk, and contract value and maintain seamless customer experience and increased renewals.

Customized Predictive Modeling

Fully customizable and interchanging dashboards that allow you to run any statistical model and report. ProsperVue’s cost effective interface has been developed through years of statistical modeling experience, is now ready-made for your use in a few simple steps.

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