Increase onboarding efficiency

Turnover is inevitable. Onboard new reps consistently and effortlessly and get them producing revenue quickly. Provide familiar and visual training tools and tips, so they get the same advantage as seasoned reps much sooner.

Prescriptive Route Optimization

Minimize travel time and maximize revenue in every single route. Our prescriptive optimization engine allows reps to do both. Routing shows the least amount of travel time while predictive models show accounts or opportunities within that route which will yield the best revenue at any given time.

Inside-Field Collaboration

Let marketers, sales operations as well as inside sales teams create the best plays for field teams to execute. Share insights and trends quickly via dashboards that can be retrieved while on the field.

Analytics-driven effort

Create and deliver call lists that can be filtered, sorted and grouped by metrics like days (or number of touches) to get an appointment using predictive profiles that can be configured according to the rep’s profile – business development, account management or retention.

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